dreadlocks shampoo


Rot Knot Mold Eliminator

brittany zaremba
After trying the apple cider vinegar and baking soda cleanse, and still having my hair smell musty a week after doing it, I started thinking I was going to have to cut off my dreads. part of one of my dreads actually fell out from doing the acv cleanse too frequently. So anyway I somehow found this page and saw only positive reviews, which made me skeptical but I figured why not try it for 15 dollars. I used it last night, squished it into my dreads and let it soak for about 10 minutes. I took another 10 minutes to wash them out and repeated the process. after getting out I kept smelling my dreads to try and see if they could smell musty. after about 10 minutes of doing that i smelled must faintly, but it was only because I was Looking to smell it, if that makes sense. whereas before i would wash my dreads and the must smell would be overwhelming and last for about two days. so im going to wash it with this one more time and I'm sure that'll cure it completely, and then I'm going to wash with it once a month as preventative maintenance. the smell is so good and earthy, and Vicki is great at replying to questions you may have! she also added a little treat into my package, and the package came in only two days. I highly recommend you try this if you're struggling....

Cedar, Sweetgrass & Sage Shampoo Bar

Joseph Reihart
I have very finicky hair (fine and wavy) and a sensitive scalp which makes finding products very difficult and expensive. Recently a friend who has been using the solid shampoo for years suggested I try these out, so I did. After one use I can understand her raving! (I myself do not have dreads but love being able to cut down on waste where I can).
I tore my package open and jumped right into the shower, immediately I was intoxicated by the smell. I used this and no conditioner! I let my hair air dry and was left with my dream waves, full, soft, and MEGA shiny without having to use styling product! I AM IN LOVE....

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Spray

Amanda Chatham
Love the way this smells! Wish it was a body spray lol

Lockin Up Liquid Dreadlocks Shampoo Goddess

Kim Flaherty
This shampoo is so nice! It's very light and leaves hair feeling super clean and fresh. I will buy again. Vickie is very professional and kind. I am happy to support her products. ...

Rot Knot Mold Eliminator

Colleen Caughell
I love this product! I had started to notice a slight, but funky scent coming from my thicker locks while damp / drying. It was easy to figure out what the problem was, and a bit unnerving if I spent to much time thinking about it! I had some questions about the product and Vicki expertly answered them. The fragrance is nice and light. I applied it one time, and that's all it took remedy my issue. I have purchased multiple products from Dreadlocks Shampoo and they have all been WONDERFUL! Vicki is kind & knows her products. I am so grateful that I found them. You won't be disappointed!🧚🏻‍♀️💜☮...

Lockin Up Liquid Dreadlocks Shampoo Goddess

Jessica Scholes
So so soo amazing! I am in LOVE with this shampoo.
First, the shipping. I ordered the NIGHT of the 13th and received it the MORNING of the 16th. Super fast, which is awesome.

Second, the product. It actually lathers up really nicely which I wasn't expecting since I'm used to Dollylocks. That was a very pleasant surprise, rinsed out nicely and it left my hair feeling super clean and fresh, dreads and undreaded hair both.

And it smells soo beautiful! I can't believe how lovely it smells. And the scent lasts! I'm a smoker and even on the second day after a wash my hair is still smelling great and clean.
Thank thank thank you so much for such a wonderful product! You've made a customer for life.