dreadlocks shampoo

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Spray

Alexus Beach
My hair feels much more "dready" after 2 days of consecutive use. The smell is not really good or bad to me, but it is not like anything else I have ever smelled. I have sort of finer hair, and this product seems to be helping A LOT!!

Laura Murray
I love using this to "freshen" up my locks. It definitely helps with locking, but I mainly use it because it smells so darn good!

Melina Hernandez
I am pleased with my purchase. It smells great, and every time I spray it onto my hair, my hair starts locking up. It's awesome, gives my hair that feeling and look of when I get out of the water at the beach.

Kevin Kelly
it seemed like my hair started locking up almost immediately after i sprayed it on, and it arrived very fast in the mail only took 2 days =D

Kelly Van Orden
After using the spray only 3 times, my straight & fine hair had a bit more texture to it, including plenty of new knots and even little loops. It smells great, too -- reminds me of the ocean air or fresh-cut grass with a hint of musk. I wish I had found this spray 6 months ago when I began to dread my hair!

Caroline Stevens
Love love love. My baby dreads are loving the sea salt! They feel so soft but yet so much knottier than without the salt. No scalp irritation and my dreads feel much different after two uses.. Looking forward to updating my review on this. Used in conjunction with the liquid patchouli shampoo and omg I'm in heaven! :))