dreadlocks shampoo

Himalayan Pink Sea Salt Spray

Amanda Chatham
Love the way this smells! Wish it was a body spray lol

Dorothie Bonfanti
This stuff freshens up my locks so good! I get constant compliments on my dreads smelling so good, and it helps with the locking process..

Shelby Pritchard
I am beyond obsessed with this product! Im actually kinda worried that I use it too much but I cant stop! It smells so good and makes my babies feel so good. This is a must buy for me. I can't go without it.

Lisa Wilson
Another wonderful product that I am so pleased to have ordered. It smells wonderful, tames down and tightens up my baby dreads and leaves my hair feeling the same as it did before using it. No residue or stiffness at all. I'll definitely be reordering this, when it runs out. Thanks again Vicki, your products are awesome!

Amy Philp
This is great to use right when you are about to go out on the town. It helps keep the frizz at bay :)

Jersey Howard Co
I really enjoy using this Sea Salt Spray. the process, the smell, the easiness of it! i use it about 3-5 times a day now and i see great locking up progress without any itchiness or abrasive feeling to my hair/scalp. i bought a small sprayer for traveling purposes. and everytime i use it, people comment how good it smells. even if they are across the room. lol. i am almost done with my 1st bottle and just placed an order for two new ones. VICKI's stuff is legit and i am glad that i started my dread journey with her products -- that is such a blessing. And so is she!!