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Lockin Up Liquid Dreadlocks Shampoo Dragons Blood


Lockin Up Liquid Shampoo Dragons Blood

Our liquid dreadlock shampoo is specially formulated for new dreads. The all natural ingredients super cleans your hair and scalp helping to speed the formation of new dreads and promotes the dreadlocking process. Your scalp will be clean but never left dry and itchy. Infused with organic rosemary and green tea to keep scalp healthy and happy. Beer which is rich in antioxidants, natural biotin, vitamins B6, B2, and protein strengthens and encourages hair growth. Organic Calendula aids the scalp with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial skin loving properties. Lightly scented with Dragons Blood. Formulation is residue free.

Ingredients: distilled water, decyl glucoside (natural corn oil & natural plant sugar), lauryl glucoside ( natural coconut oil & natural plant sugar), beer, calendula, rosemary & green tea infusion, essential oil, sea salt.

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As always all products are Handmade
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Carol Thompson
5 of 5 Stars
Ordered on friday and just got it delivered this morning (Monday). It smells fantastic!!! Came with sample products of the other shampoos and a hand written note from vicki. That is so awesome.
Keegan Bosch
5 of 5 Stars
Amazing. im starting natural dreads and this plus the locking gel are an amazing combo to help start the process. PROS: CONS: scent is amazing NONE (: Fast shipping Works Price is low Quality
Bethany Woodie
5 of 5 Stars
I got my shipment so fast which is impressive. I got a free sample of the green tea shampoo, have not used this one yet but I am sure its just as amazing as the dragons blood. It smells so exotic, intoxicating sexy for me, really does a great job even with one use I can tell a difference and am very pleased and happy with the product and service of this company.
Jessica Reyes
4 of 5 Stars
This product smells GREAT, but it doesn't sud up nearly as well as the bars, for some this could be a good thing as baby dreads need gentle care. For more mature or hair that is a bit less sensitive, use the bars. Either way, it's just preference, you can't lose with any of these products.
Beth Murch
5 of 5 Stars
Buy this shampoo! After treating my dreads with Wax-B-Gone, I have been using Lockin Up Liquid Shampoo to keep them clean. I have never been happier with a shampoo in my life. Handcrafted using natural, safe ingredients, this shampoo not only makes my dreadbabies smell fantastic for days, it has made my hair feel fresh, totally clean, and touchable. I've also noticed that my scalp has really loved the switch to this shampoo - gone are the mad itchies that came with hair-washing and the dandruff that seemed to plague me no matter what I tried. I have very hard water in my city and my hair is baby-fine and straight, so my scalp and dreads need all the love they can get. I am in love with my dreads all over again. Thank you for such a fabulous product!
Robyn Alexander
5 of 5 Stars
Dragons blood smells FANTASTIC! Anything that smells of incense I'm so in! But it also has a sweet smell to is as well. It is WONDERFUL! I'm only 2 months into the natural dreading process, and this shampoo really helps keep my scetions together! It is perfect for the stage my hair is in.

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