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Nag Champa Dreadlocks Shampoo Bar


Nag Champa Dreadlocks Shampoo Bar

Nag Champa

an Indian scent best know for champa incense, all reminiscent of the champa flower, better known to westerners as plumeria. Renowned for its earthy scent, it is rich and sweet, it contains plumeria, a touch of sandlewood, juniper, patchouli and a hint of rose geranium and jasmine essential oil.

Our certified organic Dreadlock Bars work perfectly in any type of water, even hard water. No residue, no buildup, no damage; just clean, beautiful, lightly scented HEALTHY dreadlocks.

Ingredients: saponified oils of organic coconut oil, organic unrefined first press extra virgin olive oil, organic castor bean oil, beer, kaolin clay, organic essential oil

Your Price: $10.00 large cake approx. 5.5 oz.

Remember to keep your bar out of direct spray of water & use a soap saver to make it last a long time.

As always all our products are handmade

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Kathryn MacDougall
5 of 5 Stars
I ordered a second one of these, and wow it arrived so quickly! It was well packaged too! I find this bar very sweet scented, but not so sweet as the Goddess bar that gives me a headache sometimes. It's not as hippie spice woodsie as the Sandalwood or Patchouli. I love it!
Chrispaulo Catay
5 of 5 Stars
ordered dragons blood and the patchouli, and they gave me a sample of the nag champa... i tried the nag champa first and i was blown away... the bar smells amazing and the little sample they gave me is lasting me almost a month now! i haven't even tried the other bars yet but i sure am excited!! .. I am in Canada and they shipped it to my place fairly quick, definately gonna buy more when my bars are finished!
Kathryn MacDougall
5 of 5 Stars
Love this bar! It arrived with my Dragon's Blood Liquid shampoo and the Goddess Bar. I ordered it on a Saturday night and it arrived in the post that next Wednesday! This bar doesn't seem to have a lot of the earthy tones I'm used to when I shower with it, but after drying off, my skin is left with a light earthy scent. I haven't washed my dreads yet but have used as a body bar. Nice, light, clean smell for sure! Worth it!
Trey Faris
5 of 5 Stars
Been a user of the liquid shampoo, primarily. Finally gave the shampoo bars and try and....DAMN, I have been missing out. The bar works great, got a great lather going and has the GREAT SMELLS that I have come to expect from these hair products. LOVE IT, will definitely be grabbing more of these.
Milena Multaharju
5 of 5 Stars
Aww yeah! Not only did this shampoo wash my dreddies super clean and soft, it also gave them the wonderful scent of my favourite incense that remained in my hair for days - I also got many compliments about the lovely smell, one friend of mine telling me it reminded her of a hippie shop "in a good way" haha. I'll definitely include this in my next order.
Ashley Spivey
5 of 5 Stars
The bar lasts a very long time if kept dry. Once in the bathroom, this bar filled the air with its amazing scent. It truly is no residue, even with our hard water - we did some dread splitting recently and they were squeaky clean inside. The packaging couldn't be any better... simple and degradable. Thankyou for making such an awesome shampoo!

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