dreadlocks shampoo

Goddess Dreadlock Shampoo Bar


Goddess Dreadlocks Shampoo Bar

Move over Aphrodite, there's a new Goddess in town. Bursting with juicy Mango, Mandarin Orange and Pink Grapefruit scents rounded out with a base of Vanilla Bean, Rose buds and Tamarind root essences. Woven in between to give it more depth are hints of alluring flowers set in a forest of sensual woods. This very special blend of ingredients is the go to aroma to bring out the Goddess in all of us....males & females.

Ingredients: saponified oils of organic coconut, organic unrefined first press extra virgin olive oil, organic castor bean oil, beer, kaolin clay, and a proprietary blend of organic essential oils.

Our organic dreadlocks shampoo bars work perfectly in any type of water, even hard water. No residue, no buildup, no damage, just clean, beautiful, lightly scented HEALTHY dreadlocks.

Your Price: $10.00 Large Cake approx. 5.5 oz

Remember to keep your bar out of direct spray of water & use a soap saver to make it last a long time.

As always all our products are Handmade
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Amanda Harness
5 of 5 Stars
This bar is amazing!! Not only do my dreads feel light and soft, they're also locking and helping my 1.5 yr old locs develop nicely. The smell wasn't what I had expected, but very feminine,soft, and yummy :) I get compliments on how my locs look and smell all the time...and the only thing to blame is this bar :) I would definitely recommend any shampoo bar from this company :)
Amanda Siler
5 of 5 Stars
I've been using the Goddess bar for a couple months now and am blown away by how amazing it is. The scent is beautiful and alluring. The bar makes my dreads feel so light and clean! My dreads are still only 4 months old, but I find this bar perfect for my hair type, as I am prone to naturally dry hair. It has helped make my hair soft while still allowing it to lock up just fine! 5 stars, hands down!
Judy Humphrey
1 of 5 Stars
I am speechless. The blend of essential oils in this soap is amazing - and what it did for my 7 month old dreadies is even better! They actually look and feel great on a "shampoo day" - no itchy scalp, no dry, coarse bristly locks :) And fast, affordable shipping (plus a free sample) --- you have a dedicated repeat customer, I look forward to trying more products!
Sharey Mobley
5 of 5 Stars
I have hard water and with the weather getting colder, my scalp was getting so dry & itchy. I was using a deep cleansing shampoo but I wasn't happy with it. I just used the Goddess dreadlock shampoo bar and my scalp feels great. My dreads feel light and fluffy. The scent is amazing. I also purchased the Nag Champa and I will be back for the Dragon's Blood and Herbal bars. Thank you for making such great products.
payton orlando-hansen
1 of 5 Stars
When I got this dread shampoo I was extremely impressed with not only the scent but also the amazing quality. My dreadlocks have never felt like they were in better condition! I highly recommend this product and I found it completely worth the money. *The shipping was also very fast.
Jessica Reyes
5 of 5 Stars
OK, I have been attempting to dread my hair for YEARS but my hair is very fine despite the fact that I have alot, and it's curly. I'm puerto rican, yet my hair just ISN'T as dread friendly as I thought. After many methods and products, and acv/backing soda rinses, I have FINALLY found something that WORKS! I literally JUST got this soap, and showered JUST 5 minutes ago...and never have I ever experienced the most wonderful thing of having to actually SEPARATE my dreads because they knotted so well in the shower. This soap tangled the HELL out of my hair and the pain of separating was a bittersweet awesome moment. I finally am getting somewhere. Upon it's arrival, I could smell the bar through the packaging and let me tell you, this soap...is DELICIOUS. It TOOK ME PLACES, I went to nirvana, I swear. The most comparable smell to it is Victoria Secret's Love Spell. If you're a fan of that, GET THIS SOAP. The consistency of my hair as it's drying is PERFECT for dreading. I've never experie

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