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Dragons Blood Dreadlocks Shampoo Bar


Dragons Blood Dreadlocks Shampoo

Dragons Blood dreadlocks shampoo A mysterious, sensual, earthy aroma. notes of Amber, Rose and Sandalwood blended with nuances of Jasmine and Citrus to bring out subtle Spice undertones of this pure essential oil.

Our certified organic Dreadlock Bars work perfectly in any type of water, even hard water. No residue, no buildup, no damage; just clean, beautiful, lightly scented HEALTHY dreadlocks

Ingredients: saponified oils of organic coconut oil, organic unrefined first press extra virgin olive oil, organic castor bean oil, beer, kaolin clay, organic essential oil

Your Price: $10.00 large cake approx. 5.5 oz.

Remember to keep your bar out of direct spray of water & use a soap saver to make it last a long time.

As Always all our products are Handmade

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Nicholas Kaluza
5 of 5 Stars
My favorite shampoo bar I've tried thus far on my freeform locs! The smell is absolutely amazing and it keeps my locs smelling fresh to death. Zero residue. Just ordered two more bars of the Dragons Blood and it only took 2 days to ship! Very satisfied customer based in San Diego, Ca!
Chris Pinto
5 of 5 Stars
I received this shampoo bar along with a sample of goddess. Shipping was very fast and i've never smelled anything so good when opening up the package. The bar does a great job lathering up and leaves hair and scalp smelling and feeling great. I look forward to trying out different scents thanks!
danielle locke-pascale
5 of 5 Stars
This is the only bar soap i use for my locs. The smell lasts for days and people compliment me all the time. Thank you for making such a wonderful product. Great for washing scalp and doesnt dry my hair.
Latoya Lyles
5 of 5 Stars
Absolutely love this product. Beautiful sultry fragrance, soaps up nice and leaves my dreadies squeaky clean! My dreads keep the fragrance for days after a wash too, it's subtle but it's there. I have already ordered more bars. The shipping was lightening speed and Vicki's a sweetheart. Highly recommend this shampoo. I doubt I would be disappointed with anything I receive from a seller who so genuinely cares about her products and customers. Very happy with this purchase. Shalom and Blessings!
Stacey Sellers
5 of 5 Stars
This smells just like walking into a magic shop. It's sweet, sultry, and mysterious. I'm quite happy to have bought this on a whim. This warm scent is soothing in all the right ways. Like all of the shampoo bars, it leaves little to no residue behind. It cleans and leaves a light fragrance that leaves people wondering what you're wearing. It takes a little longer to rinse out compared to other dread shampoo bars out there, but it leaves soft locks. I also love the free sample included with my orders. ^_^
Juneshelby 01
5 of 5 Stars
All of the shampoo bars are wonderful! I highly recommend for your dreads! My dreads feel so clean without any residue, and they are nice and soft. I have been complimented multiple times with all of the scents I have tried. I will for sure be a forever customer! They also come with a hand written thank you! What more can you ask for? Special thanks to dreadlocksite.com for showing me the way to this not 5 star but 10 star product!
Danielle Ryder
5 of 5 Stars
I am in love! I love the scent and how it lasts for a couple of days in my dreads. I love how my dreads feel! They feel clean and light and soft, but it also feels like the shampoo encourages your hair to knot up. It smells and feels so good on my hair and scalp. I am so impressed and glad that I found this shampoo bar! I can't wait to try out the other scents.
Kim DeCillo
5 of 5 Stars
My FAVORITE!! The scent is absolutely intoxicating and lasts. Will always be buying from here. AMAZING PRODUCTS!!
Thane Fox
5 of 5 Stars
Five out of Five stars and here's why. First of all, the products were here within days. Two days I believe. I couldn't believe it when I opened my mailbox and they were already here. In the package not only did I have my orders but they were also kind enough to provide samples of other products at no expense to me. And if that wasn't courteous enough, the hand written thank you sold me on these products for the rest of my dreads life ( Which I expect will be the rest of my life as well. ;] ). Secondly, the products themselves are so wonderful. I ordered the Dragons Blood Liquid Shampoo and the Dragons Blood Shampoo Bar. I always use the liquid shampoo first. It is so useful for just focusing in on the sections while the bar afterwards helps to clean the bodies of my dreads. It lathers easy, it absorbs and cleanses and on top of all that IT SMELLS FANTASTIC! And the scent lingers in the bathroom for days! I love walking in there and having that aroma available to me all the time. N
Jennifer Marks
5 of 5 Stars
I wasn't really sure about buying this bar because it's difficult to tell over the Internet whether something will smell as good as it sounds. I didn't have to worry, though; this dreadlocks shampoo bar smells wonderful! I wish the scent was a little more intense after I've washed the soap out of my hair, actually, but it rinses to a fresh scent that I can only describe as "clean" with a hint of the smell of Dragons Blood. If this company made a matching Dragons Blood body/dreadlock perfume spray, I'd be all over it. As to how the soap itself performs, it works as well as many other dread-specific soaps I've tried. It does leave something like a conditioning film that felt odd to me at first, but I've found that it actually helps in taming some of my loose hairs. And come on -- how can I not love a soap that is vegan, organic, and handcrafted? I contacted customer service early on in my ordering process and got a really prompt, courteous reply. Shipping was much faster than I antic
Brittany Wilkinson
5 of 5 Stars
Your shampoo is awesome for the entire body and smells earthy, spicy, sweet, and just plain wonderful. It's really helping my locks stay oil free and knotty and it doesn't leave any itchy, gunky residue. Even if I didn't have dreadlocks I'd continue to buy this amazing soap from you because of how great it works with hard water and the love thats put into making a really pure and yummy soap. You've got the soap making art down!!! Thanks :)
Ieesha Ramsey
5 of 5 Stars
I decided to purchase the Dragon's Blood, Nag Champa, and Tea Tree dreadlock shampoo bars because I've recently developed skin allergies. I wanted a shampoo for my "Sisterlocks" styled dreadlocks that was SLS-free, and free of parabens, phlalates, etc. and didn't leave behind residue. I also have a 7 year old daughter who has Sisterlocks. I love, Love, LOVE all three of these bars. They smell wonderful, are much easier to apply than traditional shampoos, lather very well, and rinse much easier. They also make the tedious job of washing my daughter's locs much more tolerable. She LOVES these bars. I let her choose which one of the three she wants to use each time. And because its a bar, she can apply it to her own hair, with a little help. It allows her to be a part of the process--she's doing it herself, rather than 'having it done to her.' Much less of a headache for me! Thanks for making these wonderful products available & keep them coming!!!
Naia George
5 of 5 Stars
jen golden
5 of 5 Stars
I have had dreadlocks nearly 22 years they are past my toes for the past 2 decades i had alot of scalp issues severe scalp issues i tried everything, the 1st thing that helped was the baking soda wash found on www.dreadlockssite.com which got my scalp to 90% healthy but still had alot of problems. then along came dreadlockshampoo.com and although i loved the baking soda and the nearly healthy scalp i was instantly hooked on these shampoos (and the extra special service provided with extremely fast delivery, and the added samples that make it the most worthwhile deal available) now i have the healthiest scalp and dreads that i've had in 20 years! no itch no dandruff no psoriasis no sebdorhic dermatitis these soaps are miraculous. in fact, from dragging on the ground for the past 5 years my dreads had started collecting an unsightly amount of fuzz lint and wool or cotton fibers near the ends and pickingthem out was really damaging the hair so i scerubbed with the bar and every bit o
Tian Qiu
5 of 5 Stars
This shampoo lathered really well, rinsed clean, and smelled great. It's also not bad as a body bar! I would suggest that you use the liquid shampoo instead if you're just starting your dreads, though. I used this shampoo over the course of two months, and although my baby dreads didn't come undone, they did get looser and didn't tighten up much at all.
Cathy Givans
5 of 5 Stars

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