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The Ultimate Cure For Removing Wax From Dreads

Finally the ultimate cure for removing hair destroying WAX. Introducing, WAX B-GONE the super safe and all natural solution, that rescues your dreads from dangerous smothering dread starter kit wax. WAX B-GONE is totally natural made from plant based ingredients and contains no harmful chemicals. Just work some WAX B-GONE into that nasty wax and set your dreads free leaving a hint of fresh citrus and mint. Your hair needs to breathe and be conditioned to stay healthy and waxing prevents that from happening! In fact, wax causes water to be trapped in your dreadlocks, resulting in mold, mildew and eventual loss of your dreadlocks from rot. How you start your dreads is very important. Don't give up! First, get the wax out. Second, wash with Lock In Up Liquid Dreadlock Shampoo to remove any remaining residue. Third, a little rip and twist with some Lock Magic Locking Gel and your on your way to happy, healthy dreadlocks. For the best info go to www.dreadlockssite.com

Ingredients: distilled water, decyl glucoside (natural corn oil & natural plant sugar), lauryl glucoside (natural coconut oil & natural plant sugar), sea salt, organic essential oils of orange, lemon, lime, grapefruit & mint.

Directions: dampen dreads, apply 2 finger fulls of Wax B-Gone onto dread, massage into dread throughly, leave on 5 minutes and rinse out with hot water, repeat treatment for heavy wax buildup. Shampoo with Lock In Up Dreadlock Shampoo to remove any remaining residue.

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Melanie Francoeur
5 of 5 Stars
Greetings I don’t normally take the time to do reviews but this product is truly amazing. I’ve had dreads for 5 years now and spent so much time in finding a product that works and is residue free. I also made the mistake of using bees wax when starting my dreads. They were sticky and collected a lot of lint. The wax be gone works wonders. When using it the bath, water was grey and so gross but you can see the wax oozing out of the dreads. It left my dreads feeling so light and so soft. This is my second go at it. I live in Canada so the shipping was expensive but worth every penny. It gets pretty dry during the winter months here and using his products made my dreads stay clean and soft during the hole winter season. Just wow. Try this out guys. Jacked about my dreads now. Cheers Mel
Lisa Campbell
5 of 5 Stars
Wow you will notice two things one when there is no wax in your hair. dreads are heavy when they're wet and actually full of water, and two when there is no wax in your hair dreads weigh nothing when dry . my dreads are halfway down my back and fell so much lighter, who knew wax weighed that much! the stuff is awesome
Lady Nichols
5 of 5 Stars
I am extremely impressed by this life saving product! One use and my hair feels free of wax after using the wax b gone. I am going to use it one more time just to be sure it's all gone and give each dread individual attention with the product. I also ordered a bar soap for itchy scalp- I haven't itched at all today and during the wash my scalp felt so good! I could smell the products in the package before I even opened it. I will recommend these products to anyone and my husband and I will be ordering again for sure. Fast shipping, great price, free sample, wonderful products! Thank you!!!
Douglas Pope
5 of 5 Stars
Before using Wax B-Gone it took about twenty minutes to blow dry my hair. After the first application it took ten. After the second application, about six minutes. My hair is loving me now! This will get wax out, so don't be surprised if you use it and your hair starts to come undone. Don't worry though, because without the wax, your hair will start knotting and shrinking, and fatten up! Thank you for the sample of the tea tree shampoo bar. On my next order, I'm thinking about the nag champa shampoo bar. Thanks again -Doug
Robert Dennis
5 of 5 Stars
This product is awesome! i used wax just a few times in my dreads and after i few months i could it was holding my dreads together but not in the natural way that i would much rather have. I just got this product in yesterday and used it today, i went ahead and did two washes then washed out with the rosemary green tea shampoo and all i got to say is that ill never buy another product from anywhere else. i have spent a lot of money to try and figure out what works for me and these products are the best. and i mean that. PS very fast shipping
5 of 5 Stars
This product really works!! I ordered this after I made the mistake of letting someone put wax in my dreadlocks. Not only did it arrive super fast, I got a free sample AND a hand written thank you with my order!! I was skeptical if it would work or not, was I wrong in thinking that. It got ALL tthe wax out and I have zero and I mean no wax at all in my dreads. It was so easy to use just like the instructions tell you. Thank you very much for such a great product and for the sample. I will be buying more products after seeing how great your products work and smell!
Beth Murch
5 of 5 Stars
When I had my dreads started three years ago, I let someone talk me into using beeswax. I had done so much research into caring for dreadlocks, but I ignored my instincts and went with this person's advice. I was lucky - I didn't have any problems with rot or smelly hair, but I was mortified when, a couple of months ago, after a lovely hot bath, this crud started seeping out of my hair. It was wax: thick, grey, pasty wax. My dreads started becoming gummy, even when dry. The internet advised me I would have to cut my locks and start anew. That wasn't an option for me because my dreads are such a big part of my identity. I did not want to be a bald head. I saw a video on YouTube of someone demonstrating Wax-B-Gone dissolving wax in the palm of their hand simply using their finger. Intrigued, I went to the website. I was really impressed that Wax-B-Gone was handcrafted and made with safe, natural ingredients. I didn't want to put chemicals in my hair and I love the opportunity to support
Andrea Rosario
4 of 5 Stars
Please understand that I gave this product only four stars because I have never tried anything else and there for couldnt say it was the best of all products of this sort, but I definantly dont feel the need to try any other products for wax removal, so... its a five star in my heart I guess. Just trying to be fair.
Andrea Rosario
4 of 5 Stars
First let me say that I adore a home made product. It arrived with a sample shampoo soap bar and a little hand writen thank you. You gotta love that. The fragrence is amazing. It was easy to apply and lathered up quicker than any shampoo I've ever used. The relief to my scalp was immeadiate. This is a very soothing product. I was affraid that it would be hard to apply, but it is a honey like consistancy, so you dip two fingers in and then twirl a dread around those fingers, then masage it into the dread. You dont have to be rough because it lathers so well and just gets right in there. I did gently part the tighter areas of my dreads to work it in farther. I wasnt conserned about loosening them because I know that they were tight from wax, not from nice clean knots. I gave each dread its own little masage and made sure to get the roots and my scalp. It took time, but I got all seventy something dreads done and then rinsed rinsed rinsed with hot water. My dreads were so much lighter and
Trey Faris
5 of 5 Stars
I admit, I was skeptical about this working. I thought I was just going to have to comb my dreads out and start over, a process which I absolutely wanted to avoid, if possible. Fortunately, I stumbled across this and gave it a chance. I'm very glad I did, I had to do two applications to each dread (I did it twice for good measure), plus washing with the Lockin Up Shampoo and finishing with the locking gel. Damn, did it work!! I was very impressed and satisfied that I could squeeze my dreads and they actually felt clean, not gunky! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU FOR THIS!!! Anyone who's trying to get the wax out of their dreads, def come check this out! I'll recommend anyone I know with a wax problem to get this, for sure!

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