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Handmade Organic Lock Magic Locking Gel

Lock Magic Locking Gel Helps Dreadlocks Lock Fast Our Lock Magic Locking Gel is specially formulated to help dreads lock up fast. It's designed to take the place of that nasty destructive wax that hurts not helps your dreads. Our Lock Magic locking gel is a pure plant organic based alternative to accelerate the locking process and promote strong healthy dreadlocks. Our ingredients won't coat your scalp or dreads with petrochemicals, silicones or waxes. Our exclusive active botanical, pro-vitamin B5, and nutrient rich protein formula strengthens and protects your dreads keeping them happy and healthy. Lock Magic can be reapplied without causing flakes or build-up. Use Lock Magic on mature dreads to bring in loose hair, calm frizzies and hair food to feed your dreads. Enjoy our Karma scented Lock Magic, for an invigorating aromatherapy experience. Lock Magic also comes in unscented. Locks up dreads Flake Free formula No build-up Not stiff and crunchy Safe for color treated hair Non-sticky, stringy or slimy Washes out easily No residue Strengthening vitamin formula Vegan No PVP/VA copolymer No propylene glycol No alcohol No silicone, petrochemicals or parabens EVER

Ingredients: distilled water, organic flax seed, 95% organic xanthan gum, organic licorice root, organic calendula, pro-vitamin B5, organic soy & wheat protein, organic essential oils of patchouli, orange, lavender, pine, lemongrass & gardenia, grapefruit seed extract

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Kim Flaherty
5 of 5 Stars
I love this gel! I use it daily and there is absolutely no residue or build-up. This is a quality product. Just this morning, I accidently knocked the jar off the counter and got scared that it had spilled out. But it is such a good thick consistency that it stayed in the jar. Whew! I will buy this again and love how Vickie stands behind her products. Thank you Vickie! ❤
Nina Pfaffenbach
5 of 5 Stars
Lock Magic Gel in Karma scent is THE BEST! It never builds up, never leaves residue and I use it often. The scent is just right, not too strong. It helps to tame down stray hairs. This and Vicki's Lockin Up Shampoo is a great combination. Really like the natural ingredients.
Tatenda Marapira
5 of 5 Stars
Works like a charm. I was struggling to control loose hairs until I got my hands on this. Leaves no residue and dries up very quickly after applying.
Katrina Gardner
5 of 5 Stars
Smells great, not overpowering. Tames my frizz without leaving a residue. I never checked for tightening on locks, but on roots that decided to split it helped pull them back together so I'm sure it works.
Aijalon Reid
5 of 5 Stars
The smell is unique. It is an earthy herbal spice smell. I like it a lot. Nice strong hold! Wonderfully fast shipping! I definitely will be ordering more from this site
Megan Chamberlain
5 of 5 Stars
Got mine in the mail today, put it on my dreads (dry) as soon as I opened the package. Really smoothed out the loose hairs and after just a couple of hours I noticed lots of new knots and my dreads felt tighter. The gel just disappears off your hands after you use it, leaves dreadies soft and flexible, no stickyness. Love, love, love this product! Definitely something I don't wanna be without!
Robert Dennis
5 of 5 Stars
Another great product. i love how everything is natural and organic. after doing the wax b gone and the rosemary green tea shampoo i dried my dreads and put this in. its not sticky or make my your dreads feel heavy. i love the smell and will be buying more. i have tried many locking gels and nothing compares to this. the feel, the smell, you just know its very healthy for your dreads and if you dont want it in there then just wash it out. you can use it just for pulling in the loose hairs or wear it all the time without worrying about it building up in your dreads. great product and will be buying more!
Karin Mizopalko
5 of 5 Stars
Love love love this gel! Smells great and helps with the craziness of my baby dreads. After purchasing this, I bought the patchouli shampoo and I just ordered the salt spray and I can't wait to try that too. ALL these products are must-haves for anyone's journey :-)
Kara Chistiakov
5 of 5 Stars
I haven't seen a review that describes the scent of Karma. I actually ordered a jar of the unscented and asked Vicky for a sample of the Karma gel to make sure I liked the smell before buying a whole jar, which she was kind enough to send with my order. I found the smell to be very enticing. It smells like cloves to me. I have used the unscented gel and it worked very nicely to keep my frizzies reined in, as it has been a very humid spring here so far. I would recommend either of the magic locking gels. Snaps again, Vicky!
Amanda Siler
5 of 5 Stars
I *LOVE* this product! I've had some stubborn dreads in the back and they are finally starting to knot up ever since I started using this gel. A little goes a long way, too! There are more uses than it just helping some of my dreads knot up...It actually tames my frizz really well! On top of that, it smells soooo good, so on non-wash days, my hair can still smell great when I dab a little bit of this gel on my dreads! This is a must-have!
Sarah Walker
5 of 5 Stars
I absolutely love this stuff. It smells amazing, and definitely helps lock up dreads as well as calm down frizz. I have noticed zero residue, and I use it pretty regularly. I would definitely recommend this to everyone looking for a little bit of a locking accelerator, especially over waxy products.
Lauren Fink
5 of 5 Stars
I am so glad this stuff exists. Thanks for making such a great product. Really helps lock up and defrizz. Not sticky and smells WONDERFUL.
Marq Ascetic
5 of 5 Stars
1st let me start by saying i got it in only 2days so that was great now about the gel i LOVE the karma smell its such a natural smell not to strong or fake(chemically scented) now ive only used it once last night and when i awoke i was greeted by its pleasant odor again it is great for sucking loose hairs in and is not sticky or greasy when applied to my hair it also allows total movement unlike what u would expect when using gel typically i personally would recommend this product to anyone just starting there dreaddy journey....and the NAG CHAMPA shampoo sample they sent is great the smell is breath taking to by the way
patrick donahue
5 of 5 Stars
hands down best lock accelorator. i was a little timmid to buy and use at first but after reading the reviews and using it off and on for the last 2 months i must say it is fantastic. i recently did a deep clense wash to remove any residue that may have come from this product (only one i use) and the solution was the same as before i had washed my hair. i recommend any new dreadhead to this to start the locking process
Trey Faris
5 of 5 Stars
This is, hands down, the best locking accelerator/frizz controller gel I've ever used, and I've used quite a few. It goes on real easy, you don't need to much, it holds strong and it doesn't leave any residue or flakes, which is damn awesome!! Just bought my first one on May 31st, already bought my second one on Monday and got it today, Thursday!! It also seems that you get a free sample of Dragons Blood Lockin Up Shampoo with each order, which is a very nice added bonus! Fast shipping, great product, excellent customer care/service!!! I highly recommend any of the products listed on this website!!! I'm loving it, they can expect my repeat business, for sure! Jah Bless
Wendy Giere-Frye
5 of 5 Stars
**Exceptional customer service: 5 Stars** **Product Quality: 5 Stars** **Delivery timeliness: 5 Stars** **Ease of doing business: 5 Stars** **Ease of Transaction 4 Stars** (slightly confusing the first time when ordering by paypal). I have had two separate orders with this product and I am thoroughly impressed. Let me qualify, I am a new dready (i am still frustratingly attempting dreads) and the products out there are scary. Not being familiar with dreading, it was nice to have this site linked on the www.dreadlockssite.com website. It was easy to determine what I needed, biggest decision to make was fragrance I wanted. The product: while I have nothing to compare it to, I really like this product. There are two ways to use it: wet and/or dry. After I shampoo (using dreadlockshampoo.com product) I want to protect my new knots and keep them from unknotting, so I use the gel on the separations. Yes, it does dry stiff, but it quicklly softens as you maneuver the hair. I believ
Jessica Thomas
5 of 5 Stars
I was using Knotty Boy Tightening Gel and while it was doing the trick, I hated the residue that it accumulated. This locking gel doesn't do that and I love how it makes my dreadlocks more manageable and tidy. Not to mention the smell! I have people constantly smelling and touching my hair, wondering what I use! Will definitely be using again.
Julie Randolph
5 of 5 Stars
Hands down. You need this product if you have fine, soft, silky hair. _ Period. Don't debate, don't wait, if your doing dreads with this kind of _ resistant hair YOU NEED THIS! _ _ I've been trying to dread my hair for well over a month. Tried wax first _ ...just gross! Had to wash it out. It took, literally, 4-5 washes to get _ it out. Ugh. _ _ Problem being that even with backcombing, my hair slips and slides and _ won't lock. Tried over the counter locking gel. Better, but made my hair _ brittle. Washed out again. _ _ Finally found this site through dreadlocksite.com and discovered this gel _ one day before it was actually added to inventory. Figured it was karma so _ got some. _ _ The difference is amazing. No brittle hair, no greasy, waxy hair, but it _ holds even my hair and allowed me to go from dread to dread (yes, did mine _ alone) without a problem. _ _ Don't bother with that other stuff, it's not going to work. Buy this right _ now! Shipping is super fas

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