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Herbal Dreadlocks Shampoo Bar


Herbal Dreadlocks Shampoo Bar

Herbal Dreadlocks Shampoo Bar sweet and full of floral and fruit notes, despite all those florals, it appeals to both sexes. This blend of essential oils starts with a deep woody base then meets heather, jasmine and ylang ylang. Top notes include grapefruit and bergamont, with a touch of spearmint, chamomile and rosemary. Indulge yourself into a lush herb garden.

Our certified organic Dreadlock Bars work perfectly in any type of water, even hard water. No residue, no buildup, no damage; just clean, beautiful, lightly scented HEALTHY dreadlocks.

Ingredients: saponified oils of organic coconut oil, organic unrefined first press extra virgin olive oil, organic castor bean oil, beer, kaolin clay, proprietary blend of essential oils.

Your price: $10.00 large cake approx. 5.5 oz.

Remember to keep your bar out of direct spray of water & use a soap saver to make it last a long time.

As always all our products are handmade
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Sarah Jarvis
5 of 5 Stars
I have tried many different dreadlocks shampoos and this is my number one favorite dread soap of all time. Best Smell and they give me my cleanest dreads!!!!! My scalp is happy because of these bucks county shampoo bars.Thank you, Thank you!!
Kathryn MacDougall
5 of 5 Stars
The herbal bar is bar far my favorite! I received a sample with my tea tree bar and used it as a body soap; I loved how fresh and clean I smelt. I ordered it almost immediately. Even days later, when I take my dreads down out of my daily bun, I can smell a cloud of it, and my life mate loves how clean and fresh it is! My friend used to call me a dirty hippie because she didn't like the smell of the cedar or tea tree bars, but now she wants to get the herbal bar and she doesn't even have dreads! She doesn't call me a dirty hippie anymore either! LOL this bar is beyond worth it! I have nothing bad to say about it and I usually try to be fair in reviews, but only good comes to mind.
Taylor Atkins
5 of 5 Stars
So I ordered the tea tree shampoo bar and got a sample of the herbal shampoo bar. Well now I'm wishing I would have bought the herbal shampoo bar because I love it! It smells amazing and I will probably be buying it very soon! I like the tea tree too but LOVE the smell of the herbal bar, both these bars make my hair feel so clean!
Stacey Sellers
5 of 5 Stars
This is my first shampoo bar purchased from this site,and one of my favorites. It's such a clean and refreshing fragrance which is right up my alley. I feel like this scent lingered longer than some of the other bars I tried (esp vs Satsuma and Dragons Blood). Like all of the shampoo bars, it leaves little to no residue behind. It cleans and leaves a light fragrance that leaves people wondering what you're wearing. It takes a little longer to rinse out compared to other dread shampoo bars out there, but it leaves soft locks.
Julianna Counts
5 of 5 Stars
I received this shampoo bar earlier this week, and am head over heels in love! I've been trying to start my dreads naturally (I prefer bar shampoos, else I would have chosen one of the liquids) and I can tell this product is really going to help. After one wash, my hair went from slightly wavy to tight ringlet curls. I looked like a hobbit (in a good way). It already started to section itself too! My hair wasn't left super silky (to me, a sign of too much oil/conditioners), but it wasn't dried out either. It just left a feeling of all-over cleanliness. My hair was soft and springy. My absolute favorite part of the bar has to be the smell. I'm a big fan of herbal scents, and this blend takes the cake! Once my hair was dried, the scent was mellow, yet fresh. My hair smelled like spring itself. Just a heads up, it takes a bit longer to rinse it out than most shampoos. Customer service was a delight, and shipping was very quick. Overall, I am one very satisfied customer.
Rebecca DeMarais
5 of 5 Stars
I have always been a shampoo junkie. When I went with dreadlocks, I was kind of lamenting the 'choices' I thought I was loosing. Now with the no 'poo' method and these fantastic soaps...I am again in heaven! I have ordered 3 bars from Vicky so far and LOVED each one of them. So much, it's hard for me to choose from when I wash ;) I currently have the Dragon's Blood, The Herbal and the Rosemary Tea Tree. Each one does what it's supposed to. I find my locs are nice and tight (smell delicious) with the dragons blood. I use the herbal when my locs need a little softness (again, smell awesome...co workers love it!) and the rosemary tea tree when my scalp is looking a little flaky, or I am just looking for that all out 'clean' feeling. What do I love MORE than the all natural organic nature of the soaps? (could there be anything better??) I love the customer service I get EVERY TIME I have ordered from here. Vicky always signs a little note, and sends along samples of her newest ende
Juneshelby 01
5 of 5 Stars
All of the shampoo bars are wonderful! I highly recommend for your dreads! My dreads feel so clean without any residue, and they are nice and soft. I have been complimented multiple times with all of the scents I have tried. I will for sure be a forever customer! They also come with a hand written thank you! What more can you ask for? Special thanks to dreadlocksite.com for showing me the way to this not 5 star but 10 star product!
matthew palo
1 of 5 Stars
And as an addendum of my previous review. I remember wondering how hard it would be to hold onto a perfectly round bar of soap but..... It has this nifty finger-sized groove cut into it for easy handeling in slippery conditions. Also it has been five hours since I did my wash and my locks STILL SMELL FANTASTIC! I know its hard to find a residue free shampoo with a scent that lasts, but this stuff really takes the cake! My neighbor is a fellow dready but he's one of them that only washes with water I was thinking about tossing him my sample of the satsuma and maybe I can convince him to use it lol! If your thinking of buying one of these soap bars, don't be hesitant, they really are worth it. I was using knotty boy bar before and still have a little left but this will be downgraded to bodily use only! Once again, thank you to bucks county soap for making such an incredible product!
matthew palo
1 of 5 Stars
Ok so I just received my herbal shampoo bar today, I ordered it Thursday night and received it the following Tuesday. I couldn't wait to use it so I opened the package and sniff sniff sniffed, I thought it was a bit strong at first, but after using it, it is WONDERFUL! I have tried all kinds of soaps in the past two years and this is by far the best I have hard water, and it doesn't leave a waxy feeling on my hands or my locks! By the way I am a GIRL I just had it sent under my bf's name, I also received a sample of what I suppose is the SATSUMA, and it smells wonderful as well next week when I shampoo again I will use it and tell you what I think! Thank you so much for creating such a great product, I am a customer for life now!!! I was hoping to get a sample of the locking gel in KARMA so I could see if I liked it before ordering, but hey I probably should have put that in the ordering notes lol! This is an AMAZING PRODUCT FOR LOCKS ESPECIALLY FOR THOSE OF US WITH HARD WATER!!!
Karinne Veronneau
5 of 5 Stars
Excellent shampoo! Smells just right, not too strong not too faint. Rinses out very well and leaves hair soft but does not untangle knots even helps the knotting process (good for "natural" method or traditional forming locks). Fast delivery took 6 days (I live in Canada). It took me some time to find such a good product (over a year of trial and error). I highly recommend it.
Kelsey Goodwine
5 of 5 Stars
These products are awesome! They work so good and smell wonderful. My boyfriend has had dreads for the last couple of years. We spent endless dollars looking for shampoo that would not leave residue and maintain a fresh scent. Every product he tried dried out his scalp and never maintained a fresh smell. He was so frusterated he seriously debated cutting his dreads multiple times. Luckily we found these natural shampoo's. I ordered the nag champa and pachouli. When we receieved the order I could smell the shampoo's in the box before we open the package. He loves these shampoo, and I love the smell of the nag champa personally =)

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