dreadlocks shampoo


Goddess Dreadlock Shampoo Bar

Jalen Spencer
Got it in the mail today and used it right away.! I have Freeformed locs so this really helped get deep in my roots and troubled dandruff areas. It's easy to rinse, IT SMELLS LIKE YOU CAN EAT IT & the smell stays, and your head will feel the best it's ever felt.... I also got a sample of Nag Champa which also has a great aroma.... This is a well spent 13 bucks.!!! ...

Lock Magic Locking Gel Karma

Katrina Gardner
Smells great, not overpowering. Tames my frizz without leaving a residue. I never checked for tightening on locks, but on roots that decided to split it helped pull them back together so I'm sure it works....

Goddess Dreadlock Shampoo Bar

Sarah Yearian
I've been only growing my baby dreads naturally for a few months. I just received my order of this amazing shampoo bar. It smells heavenly, my fiance loves the smell of the bathroom after I wash my dreads. This shampoo lathers amazingly, gives a nice clean that doesn't leave my baby lioness dreads lifeless. Customer service is amazing. I was looking for the highly recommended charcoal shampoo. She sent me a free sample of it. Highly recommend both the goddess bar and the charcoal soap....

Tea Tree & Rosemary Shampoo Bar

Sarah Furlough
Just received this today and it smells amazing! It's not overpowering and the sample (i got spearmint, which i will prohibit buy next for summer) is the perfect size for traveling :) it's also nice to have a hand written note in the package to make it more personal. Thank you Vicki! Happy New Year! ...

Nag Champa Dreadlocks Shampoo Bar

Chrispaulo Catay
ordered dragons blood and the patchouli, and they gave me a sample of the nag champa...
i tried the nag champa first and i was blown away... the bar smells amazing and the little sample they gave me is lasting me almost a month now! i haven't even tried the other bars yet but i sure am excited!! .. I am in Canada and they shipped it to my place fairly quick, definately gonna buy more when my bars are finished!...

Lockin Up Liquid Dreadlocks Shampoo Dragons Blood

Kathryn MacDougall
I ordered this along with the Goddess Bar and the Nag Champa Bar shampoos. They arrived quickly! I ordered on a saturday night and it arrived in the post on that next wednesday! The scent of this is multilayered for sure! when I first tried it as a body wash, I thought it smelled a lot like Pepsi, and my friend said she smelled something like baby powder. It's deep and etherial for sure! What I imagine the ancients bathed in on their full moon rituals! Worth it!...