dreadlocks shampoo


Lockin Up Liquid Dreadlocks Shampoo Tea Tree

Tana Yount
A sample if this came in with my locking spray and I absolutely loved it! A little goes a long way, smells great, washes out easily, and really helps the locking up of my hair. First shampoo I've used that kept my hair soft but tangled up immediately. So glad I discovered this site, because this is the only place I want any products for my dreads! You won't regret buying from them! I just ordered a full size bottle today....

Herbal Dreadlocks Shampoo Bar

Sarah Jarvis
I have tried many different dreadlocks shampoos and this is my number one favorite dread soap of all time. Best Smell and they give me my cleanest dreads!!!!! My scalp is happy because of these bucks county shampoo bars.Thank you, Thank you!!...

Lock Magic Locking Gel Karma

Nina Pfaffenbach
Lock Magic Gel in Karma scent is THE BEST! It never builds up, never leaves residue and I use it often. The scent is just right, not too strong. It helps to tame down stray hairs. This and Vicki's Lockin Up Shampoo is a great combination. Really like the natural ingredients. ...

Nag Champa Dreadlocks Shampoo Bar

Kathryn MacDougall
I ordered a second one of these, and wow it arrived so quickly! It was well packaged too!

I find this bar very sweet scented, but not so sweet as the Goddess bar that gives me a headache sometimes. It's not as hippie spice woodsie as the Sandalwood or Patchouli. I love it!...

Sandalwood & Tonka Bean Dreadlock Shampoo Bar

Kathryn MacDougall
This arrived SO QUICKLY! I've ordered my dreadlock shampoo from Vicki for a few years now, and am always amazed! Everything is well packaged!

This particular scent is clean, earthy, sweet, hippie shop, yet not overpowering! I got a sample of it with my last order, and could not wait to order a bar of it! I also ordered another Nag Champa bar, and will review that on its own page.

Thank you, Vicki! Thank you, thank you!...

Lock Magic Locking Gel Unscented

Lauren Vangelder
Works amazing the only thing I wish is that it would come in the goddess scent!