dreadlocks shampoo

Satsuma Dreadlocks Shampoo Bar


I waited to write a review so I could see the longer term effects, and I'm definitely impressed! The scent is wonderful, although not as strong as anticipated. My locks are soft and clean, and aside from the usual winter dryness my scalp is happy. I live in an area with extremely hard water and the shampoo still lathers and cleans normally. One thing I noticed is that you have to rinse VERY well to make sure none of the product stays in your dreads...a few extra minutes does the trick for me. Even after just one wash I noticed an acceleration in the locking process, which continues today.

The service was excellent and very friendly - emails were answered promptly, and I received a handwritten note and free sample of the nag champa shampoo bar with my order. I appreciate the sample because it turns out that I'm allergic to the nag...and was going to order it! So thanks, now I know and can choose something else :)

Thanks for making such a valuable and environmentally responsible product. My dreads are turning out beautifully - I even get compliments from little old ladies!!!
Date Added: 02/08/2013 by Nicole Black