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Lockin Up Liquid Dreadlocks Shampoo Tea Tree

Jennifer McDermott
I'm hooked! I've been dreading for a few months now, and have had two things hindering me, which were; hard water, and getting my shampoo from a place that seems to specialize in scam artistry. Not mentioning any names, lol. Long story short, I'd been seeing mediocre results, until I started shopping at this site, and not only are my dreads accelerating like crazy, they're the healthiest they've been in a long time!

Charles Winterbourne
Wow! I have been using non dreadlocks shampoo, non residue types. I never had major issues there but over the last couple of months, I noticed my dreads weren't progressing much anymore (six months into dreading).
I've used this shampoo for four washes so far. The last few weeks, my dreads are on the fast track for locking up. Seriously! More and more loose hair is getting eaten up by the dreads and the dreads themselves are tighter, yet softer and light. I love it. I will never use any products for my dreads that don't come from this site.
Thank you, dreadlockshampoo and @soaringeagle!!!!!

Joannie Gagnon
I love this one ! It smells good, it really helps me for dry scalp and itching . I have also noticed that my dreads had locking up better with this shampoo, in a short time . I recommand it:) !

Tana Yount
A sample if this came in with my locking spray and I absolutely loved it! A little goes a long way, smells great, washes out easily, and really helps the locking up of my hair. First shampoo I've used that kept my hair soft but tangled up immediately. So glad I discovered this site, because this is the only place I want any products for my dreads! You won't regret buying from them! I just ordered a full size bottle today.

Benjamin Newman
Dreadlocks shampoos review

Okay so I have tried all of the dreadlock shampoos dollylocks, vital goods, superdreads, they all said that they were residue free mind you I was using seed size amounts of liquid and still was getting residue... So I just did the acv wash monthly. Fast forward a year new dread journey @soaring-eagle recommended shampoo from his website I ended up getting the liquid locking up tea tree version.. Wow I'm completely amazed got the shampoo today and tried it out... Let me tell you what; my hair feels weightless in a good way.. No residue left in my hair at what. normally I would just feel the weight of residue after those other shampos. Will post later result as well thanks @soaring Eagle

Amy Philp
I love the smell of this shampoo!! I get compliments on how good my dreads smell all the time. No itchy scalp, perfect balance of everything. Thank you!