dreadlocks shampoo

Lockin Up Liquid Dreadlocks Shampoo Tea Tree

Benjamin Newman
Dreadlocks shampoos review

Okay so I have tried all of the dreadlock shampoos dollylocks, vital goods, superdreads, they all said that they were residue free mind you I was using seed size amounts of liquid and still was getting residue... So I just did the acv wash monthly. Fast forward a year new dread journey @soaring-eagle recommended shampoo from his website I ended up getting the liquid locking up tea tree version.. Wow I'm completely amazed got the shampoo today and tried it out... Let me tell you what; my hair feels weightless in a good way.. No residue left in my hair at what. normally I would just feel the weight of residue after those other shampos. Will post later result as well thanks @soaring Eagle

Amy Philp
I love the smell of this shampoo!! I get compliments on how good my dreads smell all the time. No itchy scalp, perfect balance of everything. Thank you!

Joshua Galow
I ordered my poo on a friday night and recieved it on monday morning. EXCELLENT SERVICE!!! Thanks so much.

Laura Murray
Just the right blend of scent to not be over powering. I don't have an itchy scalp, so I can't say for sure how it works for that, but I liked the little tingle, and I like being able to switch up my shampoo scents.

Kevin Kelly
ooh! and it came with sample bottle of dragons blood,which i appreciate!

Kevin Kelly
AMAZING!my dreads are almost 2 years old and i've only been washing them with hot water and wringing them, needless to say they were pretty dirty. they didnt feel as dirty as i thought they were though. my first time using the shampoo and wringing it through my hair i saw brown dirty soap hitting the shower floor, and i was so excited to see it working when i rinsed even more dirty soap and water came out, i've never been so excited to see dirty water and then feel my hair being so clean, it smells great too, AND it did help make my dreads lock and look more solid.