dreadlocks shampoo

Sandalwood & Tonka Bean Dreadlock Shampoo Bar

Sarah Furlough
I bought this bar for my bf, who does a lot of mechanic work. It completely gets the oil smell out of his hair, and leaves a lovely sent in its wake (it is not over bearing though). I highly recommend this bar as well!

Kathryn MacDougall
This arrived SO QUICKLY! I've ordered my dreadlock shampoo from Vicki for a few years now, and am always amazed! Everything is well packaged!

This particular scent is clean, earthy, sweet, hippie shop, yet not overpowering! I got a sample of it with my last order, and could not wait to order a bar of it! I also ordered another Nag Champa bar, and will review that on its own page.

Thank you, Vicki! Thank you, thank you!

Rebecca Branson
Have used this bar a couple times now and I'm completely sold. The scent is absolutely wonderful without being girly and I've started using it as body wash as well. I can't wait to try out some of the other scents. <3

Amanda Siler
I just washed my dreadlocks with this bar. The scent is so heavenly! I absolutely LOVE it! It is very calming.

Brian Corbin
Just got this yesterday and used it, wow what a great product!!! smells great, and its healthy for my hair. This is where my shampoo will come from for now on!!!!

Julianna Counts
I've been using this bar for about a month now, and have hardly made a dent (which is impressive, considering that I wash my hair 2-3 times a week). The aroma is a nice balance. Sweet enough for ladies, but not perfumey. Guys can wear this scent as well, without it seeming too "girlie". The aroma lasts a long time with this bar. I washed my hair, and three days later could still smell it. It's not over-powering though. Just long-lasting. I highly recommend this product.