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Peppermint Dreadlocks Shampoo Bar


Peppermint Dreadlocks Shampoo Bar

Need a quick wake me up, this is it... refreshing, sharp, fresh, penetrating, stimulating minty scent. armomatherapists say peppermint essential oil is great for headaches, muscle pain and improves mental performance, it is antispasmodic and antimicrobial.

Our certified organic Dreadlock Bars work perfectly in any type of water, even hard water. No residue, no buildup, no damage; just clean, beautiful, lightly scented HEALTHY dreadlocks.

Ingredients: saponified oils of organic coconut oil, organic unrefined first press exta virgin olive oil, organic castor bean oil, beer, kaolin clay, organic peppermint essential oil

Your Price: $10.00 large cake approx. 5.5 oz.

Remember to keep your bar out of direct spray of water & use a soap saver to make it last a long time.

As always all our products are handmade

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Alissa Pontious
5 of 5 Stars
This was my first shampoo bar. I love it. It lathers very well and you really don't need much for everything to get squeaky clean. The scent is so refreshing and does stay for a bit. Though admittedly not as long as dragons blood for example. It also makes my bathroom smell minty fresh even when not in use.
Alexus Beach
4 of 5 Stars
I love all the shampoo bars, we have the WORST hard water anyone has ever seen at our house but the shampoo bars work very well for my dreadlocks. This one is very lightly scented, I prefer scents that hang around for a while, but this would be good for someone looking for a very subtle scent.
Tiffany Grant
5 of 5 Stars
I love this product! I was looking for a shampoo that did not leave residue and was all nautral. I didn't want any chemicals or unnatural ingredients. This product fits my specifications and works even better than I expected. I just ordered another one in dragon's blood and the new locking gel. I figure you can't go wrong with this site!


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