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Lockin Up Liquid Dreadlocks Shampoo Nag Champa


Lockin Up Liquid Shampoo Nag Champa

Our liquid dreadlock shampoo is specially formulated for new dreads. The all natural ingredients super cleans your hair and scalp helping to speed the formation of new dreads and promotes the dreadlocking process. Your scalp will be clean but never left dry and itchy. Infused with organic rosemary and green tea to keep scalp healthy and happy. Beer which is rich in antioxidants, natural biotin, vitamins B6, B2, and protein strengthens and encourages hair growth. Organic Calendula aids the scalp with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial skin loving properties. Lightly scented with Nag Champa. Formulation is residue free.

Ingredients: distilled water, decyl glucoside (natural corn oil & natural plant sugar), lauryl glucoside ( natural coconut oil & natural plant sugar), beer, calendula, rosemary & green tea infusion, essential oil, sea salt.

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Ali Peru
5 of 5 Stars
PS - My pomeranian absolutely ADORES the scent of the nag champa liquid shampoo! She would not stop smelling it! So adorable.
Ali Peru
5 of 5 Stars
Arrived super quickly. Smells AMAZING! Vicki was so great and included a specific sample that I requested (as I was not sure of the scent that I had previously). So excited to use this shampoo!
christopher Stanek
5 of 5 Stars
I would highly recommend this product to anyone who wants clean, soft and amazing smelling dreads. I received my products two days after I ordered them and the package went all the way across the country, so that was amazing. I ordered one bottle Dragons Blood shampoo and a bottle Nag Champa shampoo, along with it came a sample bottle of Patchouli liquid shampoo and a hand written thank you from Vicki. After washing with the Nag Champa shampoo my dreads are soft, shiny and squeaky clean(seriously they squeak) and also left them smelling heavenly, and the scent last for days!!! Was also a breeze it rinse from out of my dreads. Please note that this is a foamless shampoo and will not produce a lather, no worries though it cleans fantastically just the same. So for these reasons I can wholeheartedly without hesitation recommend this product for your dreads........seriously click the 'Add To Cart' button you wont be disappointed.
Shana Galano
5 of 5 Stars
I get complements on my dreads all the time. Most of the credit is due to this awesome product! I had my dreads for a year before I found this product and I haven't looked back in the past two years. If I run out and have to use something else I can tell after the first wash. They get heavy and prickly. As soon as I go back they are soft and smell great. I would have cut my dreads out years ago without these amazing products. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE!
Laura Murray
5 of 5 Stars
Nag Champa is always a classic. You can't go wrong. Smells fabulous. Vicki's shampoo's leave my locks super clean. Nice and light, never have a problem with build up. Fast shipping, and excellent customer service.
Breanna Holte
5 of 5 Stars
My mom bought me a bottle of this for my new dreads, and I absolutely love this stuff! I got a sample bottle of the dragon's blood scented one with the purchase, and I honestly prefer the smell of it better than the nag champa, so I'll be getting that one next time. The nag champa does smell good though! And this stuff really does help knot up the dreads a bit faster, just like it claims! I've had a lot of loose hairs lately, since my dreads are still very young, and so a lot of them get tangled into the wrong dreads (different sections of hair). I have been working hard by carefully pulling them out in the hopes that they'll tangle into the right sections of hair, and used the shampoo tonight after doing that, and found that they had re-tangled into the dreads immediately after use! So while it makes keeping the hairs in the right sections a little harder, I know it's doing its job and that makes me a happy dread-head. I will definitely be buying this shampoo again in the future. [
Juan Preciado
4 of 5 Stars
Got a sample of this willbe buying it next time for sure
Marisa Reeves
5 of 5 Stars
Really amazing smell to this one, super mellow. Very long lasting!
Seth Richardson
5 of 5 Stars
This shampoo is awesome!! After ordering I read some reviews saying this particular shampoo had a strong sent. I had no idea what to expext never smelling Nag Champa before, but the smell is awesome to me its pretty mellow, warm sented. If you've never tried any of the sents this is definitely a good one to start with. I'm looking forward to trying Dragon's blood as well. I will definitely be getting all my dreadlock shampoo from this site. Thanks Vicki!!
Derrick Snyder
1 of 5 Stars
Over all this is a great product have used 3 times now on my newborn dreads and must say my babies love it. Like the other reviews state it IS strong scented but that also is conducive on how much you use on your hair. Remember that this shampoo is not like mainstream hair/body products and doesn't having a foaming agent so although your head is not getting all sudsy this doesn't mean that it is not working, it's working just fine, great actually. So less is more. Will most likely buy some of the Dragon's Blood shampoo to switch it up, also BS/ACV rinses once a month. Peace
Cole Clements
5 of 5 Stars
I love this shampoo! Like everyone says it has a strong smell at first but it leaves you wanting more. My scalp and dreads are always fresh and clean. It also seems like one bottle goes a long way, which is awesome!
Leeann Wadsworth
4 of 5 Stars
Got this product few weeks ago. The smell was so strong at first, after got my hair dried. The smell does lasts few days and that's deal breaker. Good product!
craig sampson
5 of 5 Stars
great product!!!! at first it seems strong scented but the next day it faded and left me wanting to wash again just so i could smell that great scent!!! vicki was very helpful and the shipping was fast! i cant wait to try more products!
JD Smith
5 of 5 Stars
If you are thinking of purchasing this particular "Nag Champa" shampoo, be warned.. It is VERY strong. At least, it was for me, and I've been a nag champa fan for many years. The first time I washed with it (mind you, I never use a generous amount of shampoo when showering) I was overwhelmed with the champa scent. It was strong enough to make me feel nauseous after showering and the scent was present in my hair for many days. Despite being too strong for me to handle, the shampoo had a great affect on my dreads-in-progress; my hair felt great after using this shampoo. The other reason for me leaving a 5-star review is that included with my order was a sample of the tea tree shampoo, which both smelled awesome and also worked wonders on my hair. I highly recommend this shampoo, but especially the tea tree one.
Don Novotny
5 of 5 Stars
So this was my second purchase, after already buying the dragons blood. Again, just great. I can't believe how fast the products a shipped out! My only problem now is deciding which scent to wash with!
John LaBarbera
5 of 5 Stars
I have been using Bronners and BC washes but this stuff is my Fav!! I love how it made my hair feel and the smell is AWSOME!!I will be ordering more soon lol..
Sarah Walker
5 of 5 Stars
I got a sample of this with one of my orders, and oh my goodness, when I first used it, I died of happiness. It smelled so good and made my dreads feel so wonderful. It really helped with my scalp too. I was so sad when I ran out of the sample! Definitely getting a full bottle soon!
melissa weber
5 of 5 Stars
This is my favorite scent of the liquid shampoos. I have a bar but haven't tried it yet because I'm waiting on my locks to mature a little more. This shampoo is so amazing, it makes my dreads shrink really fast, i had hair down the middle of my back and now it's to my shoulders! Thanks Vicki.
Lauren Fink
5 of 5 Stars
Amazing shampoo. Makes my dreads and scalp feel great. Love the fragrance too, I get compliments on how good my hair smells!
Cynthia Newton
5 of 5 Stars
I just want to let you know that your shampoo is awesome! I know that it is listed for new locks, but I have had my locks for over 7 years and was looking for something new. I like that your products are artisan-made in small batches and the nag champa scent, so I went for it and am very happy!
Linda Epps
5 of 5 Stars
First of all I don't write reviews, it doesn't matter if I like the product or not. I'm a black female who has mature dreadlocks, I prefer to call them locs. I ordered the magic locking gel, and I received a sample of the nag champa shampoo. OMG! I loved it. It made my locs squeaky clean, and they felt so soft and pliable. The smell is wonderful. I ordered the shampoo bar, b/c I think it will last me longer than the liquid. I have thick hair and I tend to be very heavy handed and use way too much. I haven't tried my locking gel yet, but it smells wonderful also. Thanks for making a great shampoo!
Jackie Richardson
5 of 5 Stars
Love the shampoo and ordering more as I write this review. I have baby locs literally 2-3 weeks old. I had purchased the Lock Magic Locking Gel and received the Lockin Up Shampoo Nag Champa as a sample. I loved the sample so much I had to order a full bottle. Lovely scent that had my hair smelling wonderful all day yet the scent is not overwhelming. My babies were super clean and I love knowing that the ingredients are natural and that there is no residue. We also have very very hard water and I got a really good lather by wetting my hair first and squeezing the lather into my locs.
Trey Faris
5 of 5 Stars
I've tried numerous different dread shampoos (Knotty Boy, Dr. Bronners, etc.), but this one is probably definitely my new favorite! It's all natural and the addition of sea salt is a huge plus! And the scents are amazing!! They're not too strong, but def not too subtle either. If you're a fan of Nag Champa scented incense, you'll love this shampoo, even if you don't have dreads!! The Dragon's Blood scent is also very nice. Expect repeat business from me =)
Tyler Byndon
5 of 5 Stars
The smell of this shampoo is literally the best smelling shampoo I've ever had. Not only that, but it did leave my hair feeling...clean, but not dry and squeaky. So that's a plus. On the negative side, I really don't like how runny it is. Other than that, this shampoo gets a thumbs up from me. :-]
Jessica Wilson
5 of 5 Stars
I absolutely love this product! It smells amazing just like all the other products Vicki makes. It lathers up even in hard water which is so hard to find in a dread shampoo and most importantly it leaves my hair clean and fresh, everyone always comments on how amazing my hair smells :) My locks have come along so far since using this, I see major changes after every wash. The service you get from Vicki is wonderful and I will continue to buy my hair products from her! THANK YOU!! Much love and light.
Tian Qiu
5 of 5 Stars
This liquid shampoo doesn't lather as readily as the bar shampoos. What I do is I wet my hair thoroughly, and then work a small dime-sized dollop into my scalp and rinse. Then I repeat the process, with a little more shampoo, and the lather that results is a lot nicer. The first time I used this shampoo, my dreads were noticeably more locked-up, but they also got a lot softer. This shouldn't be a problem, since it won't prevent them from locking because they didn't get silky/conditioned, but the second and third times I used this shampoo, I noticed that my dreads were also starting to puff out and frizz more, so they look less locked-up. (I wash and separate about once every four days.) For new dreads, though, this is definitely better than the bars, because all my dreads are still intact. The bars were really great, but for some reason they completely undid some of my dreads and I didn't see much progress with the ones that stayed in. I've also noticed that the liquid shampoo is
don hiser
5 of 5 Stars
I was using a different company's shampoo on my new dreads, and discovered this site while cruising around the net. After browsing the products, I decided to try out the Nag Champa liquid shampoo as well as the Satsuma bar. My order arrived in 3 days (Excellent job!!!), and I HAD to try out my new treasures! I used the Nag Champa liquid and fell in love!!! This shampoo (both in fact) smells PHENOMENAL!!!!! I wanted to just stay in the bathroom and bask in the glorious scent! This shampoo rinses really clean, leaving no residue, and my hair felt super afterwards. I will definitely keep ordering the various shampoos in the future, as this stuff is hands-down the best shampoo I have ever used!!! Forget the other chemical-laden, residue-leaving mumbo-jumpo where it belongs, on the store shelf collecting dust. If you want something truly wonderful, something made with care that will surely not let you down, then go with the superior quality and excellent customer service of Bucks County Soa

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