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Lockin Up Liquid Dreadlocks Shampoo Nag Champa


Lockin Up Liquid Shampoo Nag Champa

Our liquid dreadlock shampoo is specially formulated for new dreads. The all natural ingredients super cleans your hair and scalp helping to speed the formation of new dreads and promotes the dreadlocking process. Your scalp will be clean but never left dry and itchy. Infused with organic rosemary and green tea to keep scalp healthy and happy. Beer which is rich in antioxidants, natural biotin, vitamins B6, B2, and protein strengthens and encourages hair growth. Organic Calendula aids the scalp with anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial skin loving properties. Lightly scented with Nag Champa. Formulation is residue free.

Ingredients: distilled water, decyl glucoside (natural corn oil & natural plant sugar), lauryl glucoside ( natural coconut oil & natural plant sugar), beer, calendula, rosemary & green tea infusion, essential oil, sea salt.

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Jessica Wilson
5 of 5 Stars
I absolutely love this product! It smells amazing just like all the other products Vicki makes. It lathers up even in hard water which is so hard to find in a dread shampoo and most importantly it leaves my hair clean and fresh, everyone always comments on how amazing my hair smells :) My locks have come along so far since using this, I see major changes after every wash. The service you get from Vicki is wonderful and I will continue to buy my hair products from her! THANK YOU!! Much love and light.
Tian Qiu
5 of 5 Stars
This liquid shampoo doesn't lather as readily as the bar shampoos. What I do is I wet my hair thoroughly, and then work a small dime-sized dollop into my scalp and rinse. Then I repeat the process, with a little more shampoo, and the lather that results is a lot nicer. The first time I used this shampoo, my dreads were noticeably more locked-up, but they also got a lot softer. This shouldn't be a problem, since it won't prevent them from locking because they didn't get silky/conditioned, but the second and third times I used this shampoo, I noticed that my dreads were also starting to puff out and frizz more, so they look less locked-up. (I wash and separate about once every four days.) For new dreads, though, this is definitely better than the bars, because all my dreads are still intact. The bars were really great, but for some reason they completely undid some of my dreads and I didn't see much progress with the ones that stayed in. I've also noticed that the liquid shampoo is
don hiser
5 of 5 Stars
I was using a different company's shampoo on my new dreads, and discovered this site while cruising around the net. After browsing the products, I decided to try out the Nag Champa liquid shampoo as well as the Satsuma bar. My order arrived in 3 days (Excellent job!!!), and I HAD to try out my new treasures! I used the Nag Champa liquid and fell in love!!! This shampoo (both in fact) smells PHENOMENAL!!!!! I wanted to just stay in the bathroom and bask in the glorious scent! This shampoo rinses really clean, leaving no residue, and my hair felt super afterwards. I will definitely keep ordering the various shampoos in the future, as this stuff is hands-down the best shampoo I have ever used!!! Forget the other chemical-laden, residue-leaving mumbo-jumpo where it belongs, on the store shelf collecting dust. If you want something truly wonderful, something made with care that will surely not let you down, then go with the superior quality and excellent customer service of Bucks County Soa

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