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Handmade organic dreadlocks shampoo even works in hard water

Many all natural dreadlocks shampoos have one drawback, in hard water a non residue shampoo for dreads can leave a lot of residues! Dreadlocks shampoos sold here are specially formulated to work in all water types.

 Handmade Organic Residue Free Shampoo

The safe and responsible Dreadlock hair care site. We are a product of Bucks County Soap Factory based in Bucks County Pa. the heart of the handcraft movement. We promise honest alternatives to the slick, trendy misleading chemical based sites that are potentially dangerous to people and the planet. Our dreadlocks shampoo is handmade in small batches from the finest organic and vegan ingredients. Each recipe is formulated for the safe treatment of scalp and hair with NO harmful toxic chemicals, (trilosan, petro, formaldehyde, phthalates, 1,4-dioxane, preservatives etc.) We ban the use of all Palm Oils, nut or fruit, sustainable and or free trade grown, because of the mass devastation of the Tropical Rainforest being systematically destroyed for industrial plantations. Therefore wiping out entire endangered species of animals. We encourage this scrutiny of all ingredients integrity. We must educate ourselves to ensure we receive the quality products and their promised results. Please enjoy the best shampoo for dreads, animals and the future of planet earth.

We are proud to support the efforts of  www.dreadlockssite.com  to promote healthy dreadlocks.

Dreadlockssite is committed to healthy dreadlocks free of harmful products and methods. We believe we make the best deadlocks shampoo for healthy dreads, so we recommend you  Join dreadlockssite today for the best info on dreadlocks available.

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